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Gear Review: Peloton


Kelsey and I will fully admit that we’re not the best gym-goers. Between traveling and ever-changing work schedules, fitting in the time to go to a gym class is pretty much impossible for us.

First, we were members at the local YMCA. However, it was too far away and class schedules were too infrequent to use regularly. Then, we switched to OrangeTheory Fitness. While we absolutely loved the classes, it actually proved to be too popular. It became impossible to book a class less than a few weeks out. We can’t even schedule out to the end of this week, much less what’s going on next month. Plus, at $300/month combined, it wasn’t financially feasible in the least. Needless to say, we cancelled both.

Then we found Peloton. Continue Reading

Road Trip – Big Bend National Park


Kelsey and I aren’t just jet-setters. We also love a good road trip. Driving to our destination frees us of baggage restrictions, we can easily bring the dog, and meals are whatever local watering hole pulls us in off the highway.

To kick off the new year, we wanted to explore our new home state of Texas. Located on the southwestern edge of the state (aka as far away from us as possible), Big Bend National Park is a secret gem of a destination. It is one of the least visited national parks, but arguably one of the most unique locations in the country. Miles from civilization, it’s truly a throwback to how the Wild West once was and a great opportunity for us to unplug and come closer to nature. Continue Reading

Denver Weekend Getaway – Day One

Denver, CO; Jon and Kelsey

Jon and I visited Denver, Colorado, for a refreshing weekend getaway. Denver is a short jump from Austin–direct flights warm my heart for quick trips. We’ve found weekend getaways to be an easy way to feel rejuvenated and motivated back at home. Time away from home doesn’t require a plane ticket or a six-hour drive–whatever takes you out of your regular routine often does the trick.  Continue Reading

Honeymoon at Sandals Whitehouse


Our Honeymoon at Sandals Whitehouse, Jamaica.

As some of you may know, Jon and I recently got married. With every wedding comes a honeymoon, which we were fortunate enough to spend at the wonderful Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica. Continue Reading

The Best Way to Carry Money When Traveling Internationally

The Best Way to Carry Money when Traveling Internationally Jon and Kelsey 2015

When traveling internationally, keeping your money secure is important. Being stuck in a foreign country with no money and possibly no way home is a scary situation that I wish upon no one. Therefore, we need to make sure to take the proper steps to ensure that our money is safe and secure, no matter where we are in the world.

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Announcing Mr. & Mrs.

jonandkelsey.com Announcing Mr. and Mrs.

We’re married! Check out the blog here!

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